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Comments Sought on Proposed Revisions to Local Bankruptcy Rules and Forms

Upon Further Review Staff on 6/7/2017
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Following is the announcement of proposed revisions and invitation for comments issued by Chief U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Eric L. Frank. Readers should visit the court's web page here to access links to proposed changes to the local rules and forms and a comments form.

Proposed Revisions to the Local Bankruptcy Rules and Forms

Friday, May 26, 2017

To: The Public

From: Eric L. Frank, Chief U.S. Bankruptcy Judge

Re: Proposed Revisions to the Local Bankruptcy Rules and Forms

In March 2014, at the request of the bankruptcy court, the Eastern District of Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Conference reconstituted its Local Rules Committee for the purpose of engaging in a review of our local rules. The Local Rules Committee has prepared a draft Report recommending substantial revisions to the local rules and some revisions to the local forms, including a proposed mandatory form chapter 13 plan.

Before submitting the Report and proposed Local Rules and Forms to the Board of Bankruptcy Judges, the Conference Local Rules Committee is seeking informal comment from the public.

Available on this web page are drafts of proposed revisions to this district's Local Bankruptcy Rules and Local Bankruptcy Forms.

The proposed revisions to the current rules are sufficiently substantial as to make it difficult to decipher a "red-line" comparison to the current local rules. Therefore, in connection with your review of the rules and forms, you may wish to consult the Summaries of the Rules and Forms. The Summaries were prepared by the Professor Walter J. Taggart, who served as the Reporter for the Local Rules Committee and also are available on this web page.

  1. Proposed Local Bankruptcy Rules

  2. Proposed Local Bankruptcy Forms

  3. LBR – Summary of Proposed Changes

  4. Summary of Proposed Changes – Forms


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