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Philadelphia Bar Association Opposes Legislation Reducing Time for Eviction to Eleven Days

Charles J. Klitsch, Esq. on 9/27/2016

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Few matters are more essential to one's well-being than having a stable place to call home. It is the mooring post that secures us against life's storms and the sheltered nest where we can take comfort in a place that is safe and warm. Preserving families, maintaining neighborhood stability and having a reliable place to call home are intertwined.

Consequently, it has long been the position of the Philadelphia Bar Association that when tenants face the loss of their homes, they should be afforded a reasonable period of time to seek legal advice, appeal or find another place to live.

House Bill 1715, Printer's No. 2582, introduced this session in the Pennsylvania General Assembly, takes a different approach. This legislation would shorten the period for eviction after entry of a judgment of possession to only eleven days.

The Philadelphia Bar Association vigorously opposes House Bill 1715. On September 20, 2016, Chancellor Gaetan J. Alfano, Chancellor-Elect Deborah R. Gross and Vice Chancellor Mary F. Platt sent a strongly worded letter to House Urban Affairs Committee Chairs Scott A. Petri and Thomas R. Caltagirone voicing this Association's opposition to House Bill 1715. Read the letter here.

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