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First Judicial District's 2015 Annual Report Provides Detailed Statistics and Information on Court Initiatives

Upon Further Review Staff on 9/26/2016
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Highlights of the First Judicial District's 2015 Annual Report include:

  • A successful application was made for a $3.5 million MacArthur Foundation grant to fund criminal justice reform.
  • In April 2015 the Family Court Help Center was opened as a resource for pro se litigants to obtain forms and information related to domestic relations matters, staffed by volunteer attorneys.
  • The diversionary programs in the Municipal Court Criminal Division continue to succeed. In 2015, in excess of 6,709 cases were diverted from the Court's standard calendars, saving costs associated with formal trials, court related police overtime and lengthy prison stays for nonviolent offenders.
  • The number of arbitration cases filed in the Court of Common Pleas Civil Division continues a long decline, with 11,775 cases filed in 2015, down from 17,993 cases filed in 2009.
  • Implementation of the Summary Trial Appeal Program in the Municipal Court, Traffic Division.

Read the full report on the First Judicial District website here.

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