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Claim for Ineffective Counsel is Ineffective

By James W. Cushing, Esq. on 06/16/2014

Article Image The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania reviewed the Constitutional standard for the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution´s guarantee of counsel for criminal matters in the recent matter of U.S. v. Keller, 2013 WL 6409360. Read Full Story »

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Unintended Consequences of the Windsor Ruling: Supplemental Security Income

By Joel H. Feigenbaum, Esq. on 06/16/2014

The U.S. Social Security Administration recently published new instructions on the agency´s handling of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claims by individuals who are in same-sex marriages. Read Full Story »

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Superior Court Okays Suppression of Prescription Pill Bottles Found in Car

By Burton A. Rose, Esq. on 06/16/2014

Absent probable cause, the warrantless search of the pill bottles in Appellant´s vehicle was unlawful and the lower court´s suppression order was affirmed. Read Full Story »

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Steve Harvey, Kevin V. Mincey, Lee A. Schwartz and Rhonda Hill Wilson on making the leap into private practice at the June 4, 2014 Law Firm Laboratory program.



The Month in Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation: May 2014 At-A-Glance

By Mitchell I. Golding, Esq. on 06/17/2014

A brief overview of Uninsured Employers Guarantee Fund, IRE/Reasoned Decision, Course and Scope. Read Full Story »

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Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education - The Past, The Present & The Future

By Amber Racine on 05/20/2014

Article Image From 1896 to 1954, American schools operated under the falsehood that separate could be equal. That all changed when the Supreme Court issued the, now historic, Brown v. Board of Education decision on May 17, 1954. Since that decision, the education system in America has made great strides, but has not reached the goal of guaranteeing an equal education to all children. Read Full Story »

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McCutcheon v. FEC: The Effect on Campaign Finance

By Lane Schiff, Esq. on 04/16/2014

Article Image Individual donors are still limited in the amount of money they can donate to a specific candidate or committee. However, the Supreme Court recently ruled they can now contribute to as many candidates and committees as they choose. Read Full Story »

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Video Interviewing - Pros and Cons

By Jared Jacobson, Esq. on 08/19/2013

What are the risks to a company and a candidate that may be faced as a result of this new world of "on-line job dating"? With Skype and similar services out there, video interviewing has and will continue to change the landscape of interviews. Technology has fundamentally changed many aspects of the way we work. Skype, Facetime, GoToMeeting, and YouTube are some examples. Individuals of all ages are becoming more familiar and comfortable with the technology, as video cameras are in computers and even many of the phones that we carry around. Read Full Story »

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Alcohol Putting Unemployment Compensation to the Test

By James W. Cushing, Esq. on 08/19/2013

In the matter of Dillon v. Unemployment Compensation Board of Review, 2013 WL 2991042, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania interpreted Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Law to include alcohol consumption within the meaning of 43 P.S. Section 802(e.1). Read Full Story »

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